We Are the “Hidden Cork”

Over The Bridge Wine Bar started as a “thought” and then became an idea, which after many months of construction setbacks, turned into a reality as represented by the pictures you are viewing on our site.

We are located just a block from the Village Square in downtown Hammondsport. I wanted the “Hidden Cork” as our tag line since we are tucked back in the hillside beyond the NYS Flume to be a cozy and relaxing environment.

As I looked around the area and realized that, while there are many beautiful restaurants serving fine cuisine, there was not a place to “hang out”, listen to music, talk to friends, or sit in plush chairs in an upscale, yet cozy and relaxing, environment.

Over the Bridge Wine Bar is just the place to leave the stress of the day behind and enjoy a glass of wine or an ice cold bottle of beer.

We can host business meetings, Sunday Football on our 72” flat screen TV, or special occasions, such as bridal showers, baby showers, or catered luncheon meetings.

Catering services are available for special events.

We are planning at various times throughout the year to host Wine and Beer Tastings. We also plan to host Ladies Night, Trivia Night or enjoy an informative evening of meeting with a local wine maker from local wineries.

- Linda Carl, Owner